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Touching the Community through God's Love

We are a small mobile outreach that pray for people in need in the stores and public places. We have very little over head cost. With a ministry that reaches out to people of every race, status, and denomination. Our director Miles Ford has been in ministry for 43 years. Since starting Bethel we have succeeded in touching the lives of people who are homeless and have no place to live. Feeding those who have no food to eat while administering God's love to them. Our outreach has worked with the Hampton hotel management during hurricane disasters. We also work with Walmart in coordinating the feeding of the hungry and fundraising. Our ministry on average prays for and helps over 30 people a day 7 days a week since 2015. In total we have reached over 70,000 souls and have helped, prayed for, and fed many of them. Each and everyday in every way we will continue to spread love to our community reaching real people one life at a time.

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